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    How much does a slate with customer layout cost?
    The customer layout costs 20,- € (plus. VAT) per colour additionally to the price of the slate. You can chose the option "Customer Layout" at the product and the price will be calculated automatically.

    In which size are customised slates available?
    Three standard size are available: FullSize 280x190mm, HalfSize 190x130mm, Mini 130x90mm.

    How about other dimensions?
    The sticks are available in 3 different sizes: 280mm, 190mm und 130mm. The width of the slate face should match the width of the sticks; the height of the slate face or the shape can be chosen by the customer. We charge 10,- € (plus VAT) for cutting the acrylic plate.

    How do I have to create the layout file?
    The layout must be vector grafics (svg). All fonts and elements (logos) must be vectorised. We recommend using Inkscape (www.inkscape.org).

    What else needs to be considered when creating the layout?
    The structures of the layout and of fonts and graphics must not be smaller than 0.5mm.

    The creation of the layout file can also be done by us. For this we need the logos and fonts to be used, as well as a sketch or description of how the layout should look like. The creation of the layout by us costs 20,- (plus VAT)

    How long does it take to produce the slate?
    It takes ca. 1 week for manufacturing the slate.

    All Prices incl. VAT and excl. Shipping costs